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Stock Cow Sale

 Buchen Farms- selling 1 Purebred Gelbvieh bull at 2 yrs. Patrick never fails to impress! 

Eddie Bledsoe- Selling two Beefmaster bulls CE- 2y/o and yearling!

Gaffney Family Cattle- selling 4 Angus bulls, Best of Genetics, 14-18 months old. Gaffney's turn quality and have sold here for years!

Seedstock Plus- selling 8 homozygous black /homzygous polled Balancer bulls. A solid name built by and backed by top of the line bulls.

Sumner Farm-  selling 22 Purebred Hereford bulls ranging 18-24 months old. 1600#  Best of Genetics coming !

Bruce Bradley- selling 1 Charolais bull and 1 Black Simmental bull, Bruce brings soundness to the barn each time he sells.

Tom Teague- selling 2 Black Hereford and 2 Red Beefmaster bulls all 2-3 yrs old. Pictures tell the story on these bulls.


Chastain Farm- Selling 1 Red Beefmaster bull at  5 years of age  Paul Wallen Genetics. This bull has proved itself worthy!

Rob Kates- selling 2 Angus bulls at 2 years - 4 Angus bulls and 15 mo and 1 Angus bull at 3 yrs. Rob is a first time seller at Wheeler's but not new raising bulls!

Paul Harryman- selling 1 Back Gelbvieh bull at 15 months, homozygous polled, homozygous black. (check out Paul's other consignments too!)

Greer Farm- 1 Black Angus bull at 2.5 yrs. Great herd sire!

Hoelsther- 1 Blk Simmental bull at 3 yrs. The Simmental breed are known milk producers!

Distler Farm- Selling 4 Red Gelbvieh bulls at 2.5 years AI sired by GHGF Man O War and Judd Ranch. Quality breeding bulls backed with genetics! 

Garrett Farm- selling  a 1/2 Red Angus 1/2 Charolais bull at 3 years of age. He is a calving ease bull with Lunch Money genetics. Ready to go!

Buchen Farm- Selling Purebred C/C pair with heifer calf born 1/17/24 - 1 Balancer heifer bred to calve late May and 1@ 5 yr old red Angus cow. A Leptin TT with a 9 out of ten tender score. Consistant producers of Prime Carcass meats. Exposed to a PB Polled Gelbvieh bull, he has a tender score  9 of 10. 

Paul Harryman- 417-327-2911 selling 30 Fancy Balancer heifers 850# open. Post Rock and Judd Ranch Genetics. Pelvic measured, breeding shots complete, wormed with Lone Range. This herd has been closed for 30 years. A great opportunity to start young!

Joel Gray 417-461-8383 selling 35 Fancy 2 yr old Angus Heifers. Sydgen Genetics with 35 Ang sired calves on side born Feb/Mar. Tagged to match these heifers are open. 30 years of AI breeding and bull selection. Will work for anyone. Carcass data on str brothers.

Gordon Farms- 10 true F1 BWF hfrs at 2 years of age with Angus sired BWF calves. 23 true F1 cows at 4-5 years of age with Angus sired calves. These 33 cows are home raised. All calves are born in Feb, c/c are worked and tagged to match. Cows open- Impressive

Smith Farms Dispersal- selling 81 Blk and BWF cows 4-7 years old with Hereford sired calves weighing 450#. All cows bred back to Angus or Hereford bulls. C/C worked and gentle - proven calf raisers!

Kirk Farm Dispersal- 124 Angus cows at 7 years (all sisters) with 124 calves sired by Circle Y Hereford or Hopewell Angus bulls. All calves bor Feb 15th thru April 15th. Tagged to match -  100% at 124!

Wilson Farm- selling 40 Fancy Angus cows 4-7 y/o at 1300# bred to Charolais or Hereford bulls. Calving Aug 20th Selling 20 Charolais cows 5-7 y/o bred to Char or Herf bulls. Dont' miss these !

Fischer Farms Cowherd Dispersal- 66 Black and CharolaisX cows 4-7 y/o weighing 1300#, bred to Top Angus or Charolais bulls to calve Aug 15th. These cows are gentle calf raisers!

Allen Wilkins Cowherd Dispersal- 90 mixed cows from 4-7 yrs at 1200# with 70 calves with the remaining bred 3rd. Hotwire broke this is the face of nice, gentle cows. 

Diamond M Land & Cattle- 12 Angus sired heifers wit 12 Angus sired calves on side born in March. Hfrs are open. Great set for anyone!

Kelly Barnhouse- selling 15 Brangus 3 y/o cows at 1150#.  10 true tigerstripes at 3 y/o at 1150#. All are bred to a Red or Blk bull set to calve Aug 20. Add a tiger to your herd!

Peery Farm Dispersal- selling 40 Black Angus cows 4-6 yrs at 1250# with 15 Angus sired calves on ground weighing 400#, remaining bred 2nd to Angus bull. Everything is set and ready in this herd!

Roberson Farm- selling 35 Blk Angus sired cows 6-BM with 30 calves at side sired by Shorthorn bull. C/C tagged to match. These are calf raisers!

Jake Brown- 31 Blk cows 7-BM 1250# with 20 claves up to 350#. Remaining cows bred 3d. - 1 Brangus bull 5 y/o  Nice addition or start!

Dillon Farm- 42 Char X cows at 4-6 y/o weighing 1250# with 200# calves. - 28 Char- Brah X cows 4-6 yrs 1250#  with 200# calves. Gentle feed broke cows are all open.

Leon Jones- 12 Char X cows 7 y/o with 12 claves born in Feb. C/C are worked Cows are open. Nice starter set of pairs!

PENDING East Farms- selling 85 Ang heifers with 85 calves sired by 1/2 Waygu 1/2 Angus bulls. Calves born Feb/Mar tagged to match heifers open. 

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